Shoes For This Summer At The Beach

Date Posted: 7 October 2017 

For the fashion-forward woman, a pair of flip-flops at the beach just doesn’t cut it anymore. They’re flat, plain, cheap, and provide horrible support for your feet. So what’s the best choice for summer footwear for a beachgoer looking for something fashionable yet comfortable? What’s something that can be worn with any variety of summer wardrobe, whether a free-flowing dress, or a pair of casual jeans, or even a swimsuit?

An espadrille might be just the shoe you’re looking for!

So What Is An Espadrille?

An espadrille is a type of shoe that historically originated in Spain. Even to this day, they’re made in both Catalonia and the Basque region of France. They’re casual, sometimes flat, and sometimes high-heeled. The uppers vary in design and style, but the common theme is of an esparto rope sole and usually some form of canvas upper material.

Originally a type of shoe for the common citizen or peasant, espadrilles are now a popular choice for all sorts of wearers. It’s an especially common choice of footwear for the Mediterranean coast, where many Catalans and Basque wear them as a summer or spring shoe since they are light, flexible, and cool.

As you can see in the various styles displayed in our store, espadrilles come with soles that are either flat, platformed, or wedge-shaped. The soles are made of natural fiber and the uppers vary according to design and intended use. They range from casual beach shoes to more fashionable, upscale dress shoes for the summer months. Depending on the look you want, you can find them with closed or open toes, different backs and uppers, and either tied or slip-on.

At Natural Shoe, we carry many different types of espadrilles since we believe they’re some of the best options for a summer sandal! We’ll walk you through a few of our options.

Low-heel Espadrilles

Our classic low-heeled espadrilles are closest to the traditional flat espadrille style, and they’re especially casual, beautiful, and comfortable to wear. 

One of our picks is the Alexia, a summer espadrille slide which is featured in a bronze snakeskin print leather. The insole is a smooth brown leather, with a sturdy tread on the outsole. The upper is a crossover style which flatters most feet, and it’s comfortable enough that you’ll forget you’re even wearing a pair of shoes at all. The Alexia is handmade in Spain by the expert craftspeople at Chouchou.

Medium-heeled Espadrilles

Medium-heeled espadrilles provide a balance between the flat and straightforward low heel styles and the more glamorous high heeled styles, while maintaining comfort and stability for your feet. 

This classic espadrille, the Claudia, has a low heel and typifies a 1960’s-era summer styling. This shoe has black napa leather and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your need. The Claudia is handmade in Spain by craftspeople focused on European traditional quality.

High-heeled Espadrilles

At Natural Shoe, we carry a range of high-heeled espadrilles that will be sure to inspire your fashion tastes this summer. High heeled espadrilles are fashion-forward and go with any sort of wardrobe, dressed up or down for whatever scenario you want.

The Abigail is a comfortable high wedged shoe (around 8.5 cm high) with a slingback upper. It’s very strappy and attractive, with brown suede material up top. The Abigail makes an impression with any clothing and in any situation. We think this shoe has a particularly sophisticated style. The Abigail is handmade in Spain using only the best materials.

Another high-heeled option, a little lower than the previous shoe, is the Aleida. Show off your new pedi in this comfortable thong. It has a 6 cm wedge heel and a cutaway upper. Here, the upper is a dark bronze snakeskin upper with brown leather insole and a natural colour of stitching around the edge of the shoe. The combination of new rope and leather is aromatic and will look amazing on your feet this summer! The Aleida is handcrafted in Spain by the artisans whose dedication to European quality will show in the comfort and style of these espadrilles as you wear them this summer!

The Perfect Summer Shoe 

If you’re needing something to wear at the beach this summer, but you just don’t like the idea of a pair of boring flip-flops, you might need to check out a pair of espadrilles. The great news is that we offer free shipping to Australia: so feel free to check them out!

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